25 October, 2021

It’s never too soon or never too late to reduce your risk of breast cancer

Take five minutes out of your day to discover the simple lifestyle changes you could make to reduce your risk.

Everyone is born with a degree of susceptibility to breast cancer. Women are more susceptible than men.  But the choices you make in your daily life can influence your level of risk. From the things you eat to the chemicals you expose yourself to, all of these can help determine whether you’re at higher or lower risk of the disease.

Sadly, not all breast cancer cases are preventable, and anyone can get breast cancer through no fault of their own.

But research tells us that over 30% of breast cancer cases are preventable by making simple lifestyle changes.

So, when should you start thinking about taking preventative action?

‘Now’ is the answer – it’s never too soon or too late to start taking preventative steps.

It’s always the right time to choose prevention!

Reduce your risk of breast cancer

As our new animation shows you, there are different actions you can take throughout your life to help reduce your risk of breast cancer.


Watch it now, then visit our Prevention Hub and take our quick quiz to find out how you can put prevention first.

Together we can prevent breast cancer – take our quick quiz.

Or watch one of the shorter animations for…

Young people

Adults and having a family

Menopause and later life


The Reduce your risk anytime animations were produced by Senate Media and kindly funded by The Pink Ribbon Foundation and The Hospital Saturday Fund

How can we prevent breast cancer? Now more than ever, we need your help. Together we can help lower people’s risk of developing breast cancer. If you’ve found the information on our website helpful, then please consider making a donation today. Thank you.

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