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Back to school:
Our guide to sourcing safer school supplies

Back to school!

The World Health Organisation warns: “Children are not little adults: they have special vulnerabilities to the toxic effects of chemicals. Children’s exposure to chemicals at critical stages in their physical and cognitive development may have severe long-term consequences for health.”

Children have far higher levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies - as a result of more hand to mouth activities and their high metabolic rate.  

Sourcing safer, less toxic school supplies is a fantastic opportunity for us all to protect our children from unnecessary toxic chemical exposure. 

We've done some research and put together a series of tips to help you identify safer, less toxic alternatives to the traditional kit and caboodle we buy our kids before they go back to school.  Click the links below to find out more. 

Packing a less toxic punch>>

Find out how to make your little one's lunches' even healthier.

Plastic not fantastic >>

Find out about safer, less toxic alternatives to plastic lunch boxes.

Dressed to impress? >>

Do school uniforms really need to be full of toxic chemicals?

Dare to be different! >>

Why you should steer clear of the huge range of PVC school supplies on the market.


PAge last updated June 1, 2015

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