Your breast cancer risk changes as you journey through life

From the womb to our later years, our bodies undergo remarkable transformations, and our breast cancer risk reflects these changes. Understanding the factors influencing our risk throughout life allows us to make informed choices to safeguard our health.

Our life stage pages talk about Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). These harmful chemicals can interfere with your endocrine system, which uses your hormones to regulate the changes in your body.  These changes may increase your risk of breast cancer. EDCs can be found in the environment, the products you use daily, and food and water. 

Key facts for the different stages in your life


Learn about how exposure to EDCs can affect you during pregnancy.
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Unborn baby

Understand how exposure to EDCs in the womb can affect your baby's breast cancer risk.
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Learn how breastfeeding can help reduce your risk.
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Newborn and childhood

Understand how your child may be exposed to EDCs.
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It's a time of rapid change in your body. Learn how this influences your risk.
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Your body goes through further changes later in life. Learn how these can impact your risk.
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