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Gordon Research Conference

Breast Cancer UK supported the 2014 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Seminar on Environmental Endocrine Disruptors held in May 2014. 

The meeting bought together outstanding scientists from academia, industry, and government, ranging in career level from the most senior investigators to PhD students. The whole ethos of GRC is that these researchers will present and openly discuss projects at the forefront of their field, allowing free exchange of ideas across disciplines.

A fundamental part of the meeting was to discuss how environmental toxicants may impact early development, reproductive function and disease. Research was presented from a broad range of species including wildlife, laboratory animals, and humans, it is hoped that new insights into the mechanisms and causes of disease can be found. 

Breast Cancer UK has also supported the associated Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) which is an exclusive event for trainee and early career scientist in the field of Environmental Endocrine Disruptors (EEDs). The main theme of this two day Seminar was to focus on genetic and epigenetic interactions with environmental toxicants and how this information could provide a better understanding of how and why endocrine disruption and disease occurs.

The GRS provides a platform for young scientists from across the world to share their discoveries and forge new concepts in endocrine health research and to stimulate progression in this important research area across the globe.

Breast Cancer UK has chosen to support this conference and seminar as its purpose is to further and promote the science in the field of endocrine disrupting chemicals and their impact on human health, including breast cancers.  

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