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(Closed) Breast Cancer UK Funding Round 2023 

Breast Cancer UK is thrilled to announce our latest round of grant funding, focused on breast cancer risk.  

Breast Cancer UK has chosen to focus on the relationship between Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) and breast cancer risk due to this topic being identified as an area of unmet need in breast cancer research. Many studies have suggested a link between EDCs and breast cancer; however, currently, further research is needed to strengthen the data to support the science in this field and also to have purposeful change in policy. We have two separate grants available. These are our new Foundation Award and Seed Award.  

Our Foundation Award will support anchoring new investigators in breast cancer prevention. Applications should focus on endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) (known or suspected) and breast cancer risk. The Award will fund up to £150,000; primary applicants should be within 12 years of their PhD being awarded.  Alongside the proposed funding for research, Breast Cancer UK will also offer an optional career coaching programme for the duration of the grant.  

Our new Seed Award is focused on chemicals and breast cancer risk.  Funding can be applied flexibly and can be utilised as a top-up for a project close to completion, to obtain a specific piece of equipment, or to fund a pilot project focused on chemicals and breast cancer risk.  The Seed Award is limited to a total cost of £25,000. 

You may apply for more than one grant from either funding stream.   

Consistent with Breast Cancer UK’s view that there should be a transition away from in vivo animal testing, we will only consider funding for research that relies on Replacement Methods (non–animal methods) of testing.

Before applying, please review our policy on animal experimentation,  as well as our grant guidelines, grant funding terms and conditions and current funded research.

Informal enquiries are encouraged and can be made by contacting our Head of Science, Dr Hannah Moody, at[email protected]. 

The deadline for submitting a grant application for either a Foundation Award or Seed Award is14th February 2024 (closed).

Applicants must be from a UK Higher Education Institution and should apply using our online grant portal. 

Start by completing the form below to set up your access to the portal (if you are applying for more than one grant, only complete this form once. Details of other grant applications can be added in the portal).

Once you have completed the form above you can use the portal at anytime to edit and then submit your completed application(s).

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If you share our concerns about the links between harmful chemicals and breast cancer, please consider donating to help fund our next important project. By understanding the causes of breast cancer we can reduce the chances of our loved ones being diagnosed in the future. Thank you.