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Our research grants programme helps us to understand the causes of breast cancer so that one day we can prevent more people from being diagnosed.  With your support we have been able to fund first class research in the field of breast cancer at leading research institutions across the country.

Learn more about their research projects and why they want to help us prevent of breast cancer.

Meet Freya

PhD student Freya Leif is at Leeds University working on a research project looking at the role of nuclear receptors in breast cancer.
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Meet Dr Elisabete Silva

Dr Silva is looking at the combined impact of hormone disrupting chemicals and a high fat diet have on risk of breast cancer.
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Meet Kerri Palmer

PhD student Kerri is examining whether exposure to certain chemicals could lead to increased breast density, which increases breast cancer risk
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Meet Alex Websdale

PhD student Alex works at Leeds University. His research is looking at how to prevent triple-negative breast cancer recurrence.
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Meet Professor Val Speirs

We caught up with Professor Val Speirs, a leading scientist in the field of breast cancer research.
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Meet Bonnie Chatterji

PhD student Bonnie Chatterji is trying to understand the biology of male breast cancer and find ways to improve personalised treatment strategies.
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Meet Dr Michael Antoniou

Meet Dr Michael Antoniou who is talking about his Breast Cancer UK funded research project into the links between bisphenols and breast cancer.
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To find out more about our current and past research projects see our research.

Our grants programme will be re-opening in Spring 2021, you can find out more information on apply for a grant.

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As desperate as we are to understand the causes of breast cancer, we firmly believe that this can be done without harm to animals. Please donate today to help our scientists undertake world-class research. Thank you.