Bald for breast cancer

A trip to the hairdressers may be possible again, but breast cancer hasn’t gone away.

You can do something amazing today to help prevent breast cancer. Go Bald For Breast Cancer and raise vital funds for breast cancer research.

In a few simple steps you too can Go Bald for Breast Cancer

  1. Set up your Go Bald for Breast Cancer fundraising page here
  2. Pick a date for your head shave
  3. Ask family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you
  4. Go Bald for Breast Cancer!

Don’t forget to share the date of your head shave as well as before and after photos with us and through your networks. You could even live stream it on Facebook if you are brave enough!

Once you set up your page, we will send you

  • A Breast Cancer UK T-shirt to wear on the day of your head shave (please contact with your size and address details)
  • Our Fundraising Tips to get your fundraising off to a flying start

So what is stopping you? Sign up today to Go Bald for Breast Cancer!

Still not sure? Check out Richard’s story for some inspiration.

Having a full head of hair, 53 year old Richard was used to visiting his barber regularly to keep the mane tame. But managing his hair in lockdown had become a pain.  That was until he noticed that guys on social media were doing head shaves for charities.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to do a total head shave for an important cause” he thought.

That’s when Richard decided to Go bald for Breast Cancer UK in memory of his dear auntie June who passed away aged just 55 from breast cancer. Known for her fun and adventurous spirit, auntie June moved from the UK to the United States as a young woman where she married and made her life.

At 16, Richard got to go on the adventure of a lifetime, when auntie June invited her ‘favourite nephew’ to spend the summer with her and his cousins Linda and Michael at their summer house in Sherman, Connecticut.

What followed was a fortnight of ‘the world’s best breakfast pancakes’, lake swims, visits to his first ever theme park, seeing Cujo and Return of the Jedi at the flix; and daily battles on Linda’s state of the art Atari VCS 2600. (This incidentally kick started Richard’s lifelong passion for video games.)

Going totally bald is a really a big deal for Richard who’s always been proud of his full head of hair (he wasn’t even bald as a newborn!).  But the memory of his beloved auntie June who would have celebrated her 89th birthday this year, definitely made it worthwhile. What Richard didn’t realise was just how important this decision would turn out to be.

To his delight, after sharing his Go bald for Breast Cancer UK fundraising page with his friends and family, his long lost US cousins Linda and Michael, got in touch with him after decades of silence. Since then, Richard has been in regular contact, catching up on all those lost years and rekindling a connection that was once so strong. It turns out Richard has a hero in the family. His cousin Linda has come out of retirement in response to the COVID-19 crisis, to head back to the frontline as an Orlando Police Officer.

Richard’s head shave and handsome new look has now raised over £790 for Breast Cancer UK.

Thank you, Richard and everyone else who has joined him in Going Bald for Breast Cancer over the last year, from all of us here at Breast Cancer UK.  The money you have raised will help keep our vital breast cancer research and awareness work going.

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