What you drink and eat can influence your breast cancer risk.  

Take charge of your health and lower your risk of breast cancer by making mindful food and drink choices. Embrace the power of healthy habits and safeguard your well-being with our expert guidance.


Our top tips to build healthy eating and drinking habits

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Alcohol and breast cancer

Drinking alcohol increases your breast cancer risk. Find out why.
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Nutrition and breast cancer

Read the key facts about how your diet influences your breast cancer risk.
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Weight and breast cancer

Learn how your weight can impact your risk.
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Fibre and breast cancer

Fibre plays a vital role in a healthy diet, but how does it affect your breast cancer risk?
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Vitamin D and breast cancer risk

Did you know that vitamin D may help prevent breast cancer by reducing breast cell growth and the production of oestrogen in the body? Read our fact sheet to learn more.

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