24 April, 2023

Companies supporting charities reap the benefits in many ways. Has your company wanted to get involved with supporting a charitable organisation? Unsure where to start? We have you covered! 

Companies’ relationships with charities can go far beyond simply donating money. Working with a charitable cause can be an integral part of your brand while differentiating yourself from the competition and allowing you to stand out when hiring. Working for a philanthropic company could also increase employee morale, loyalty and retention. 

You will position yourself as reliable and ethical, allowing for a great networking opportunity. Media coverage and sponsorships can boost your organisation’s visibility, as you can expose your brand to new audiences who follow and support your chosen charity. 

The most obvious benefit of working with charities is that it can positively impact your chosen charity’s cause. Here at Breast Cancer UK, companies who support us help raise funds to support our vital breast cancer prevention work. Find out more about companies supporting charities. Become a corporate partner today!

Why should companies support Breast Cancer UK? 

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. It is estimated that 1 in 7 women will develop the disease in their lifetime. Unfortunately, many people we know will have been touched by breast cancer in some way, but you and your colleagues can help change that. By supporting Breast Cancer UK, you can help us reduce the number of people affected by this terrible disease.  

Sadly, not all breast cancer cases can be prevented. But, studies show that at least 30% of breast cancer cases could be prevented. By making changes to your lifestyle, such as increasing your level of physical activity, you can reduce your risk of getting breast cancer.  

We invite you to help us raise awareness of breast cancer prevention among your networks and fundraise for Breast Cancer UK. We have plenty of activities and challenges that may appeal to you and your colleagues. 

Walk 500 

Walking is one of the simplest ways to increase our daily physical activity and improve our health and well-being. That’s why we’re challenging people to take part in our Walk 500 challenge by walking 500 miles in 30 days from our research lab at Kings College, London, to our research lab at Aberdeen University, Scotland. We’ve designed the challenge so that it’s easy to participate whether in the office, hybrid or fully remote. 

Many benefits are associated with team challenges, including boosting team morale and promoting well-being, so sign up today and challenge your team to Walk 500 for Breast Cancer UK. 

Battle Cancer  

Do you have any fitness enthusiasts in your team? Do they have what it takes to compete in the ultimate CrossFit challenge?  

The Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge brings together professional athletes, influencers, cancer charities, and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities to battle it over a series of fun, accessible, functional fitness team workouts. Including teamwork and high-intensity cardio, FUN-ctional fitness, and accessible weights! 

Enter a team of 4 to battle it out to win the Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge. You will have fun, test your fitness, bond with your teammates and raise money to prevent breast cancer. Find out more and sign up today.  

Run for Breast Cancer UK  

But don’t worry; there’s still time to sign up for charity places in our runs. Choose from the Manchester marathon and Royal Park half marathon or test yourself and go for the Aintree Marathon! 

If none of those tempts you to wear your trainers, check out the runs in your local area. There is something for everyone. See Run for Charity’s website for more information. 

Wear Something Orange  

Help raise awareness of breast cancer prevention by Wearing Something Orange! It’s simple, pick a day and invite everyone to Wear Something Orange for the day in return for a small donation.   

If you’d like to Wear Something Orange for Breast Cancer UK, please register your interest, and we’ll send you our fundraising pack filled with helpful tips, and we’ll be in touch to support you. Register today.

If none of these challenges suits you, please check out our website for other ideas or register for your fundraising pack today. 

So, whether you decide to take on one of our challenges, need further inspiration or have your own creative fundraising idea, we look forward to supporting you through your fundraising. Please contact me at [email protected] if you’d like to discuss your plans.  

Together, with companies supporting charities, we can help prevent many more people from developing this devastating disease. 

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