Weekly wellness planner: how to reduce your breast cancer risk

bcuk weekly wellness plannerIt’s no secret that the last couple of years have been tough! Letting go of old routines and adapting to new circumstances can be hard, with many of us left still trying to get the balance right.

Whether it’s one too many glasses of wine mid-week, the weekly meal plan taking a back seat or your well-being sitting at the bottom of the priorities list – we’ve got something to help you get back on track (and reduce your breast cancer risk).

2024 is your year, and it’s all about looking after yourself!

Sound good? We thought so. Here’s Breast Cancer UK’s weekly wellness planner complete with an exercise log, water, sleep, habit and mood tracker, to-do list and meal planner!

This planner will let you keep track of your diet, sleep, exercise and chores but can help YOU start your breast cancer prevention journey. What are you waiting for?

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